Meet Hannah, your new Programs Coordinator.

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What initially inspired you to join THP?                                         

Like many other Animators, I became connected to The Hunger Project through Business Chicks! In 2017, I heard Melanie, The Hunger Project Australia’s CEO, speak about THP’s work at Business Chicks ‘9 To Thrive’ conference. I immediately wanted to become involved after hearing the impact THP has across the world through its women-centered strategies. Following 9 To Thrive, I started volunteering for THP and after a few months, I moved up to Sydney to become the new THPA Office Manager.                                                                                                  

What are your top three personal values?


Time, authenticity, curiosity.

Thus far, what is one of the most valuable lessons you have learned from working at THP?  

The biggest lesson for me, so far, is that a lot can be achieved when we all come together. In our own ways, we are all contributing to the end of hunger and working towards a world that is more equitable and sustainable. It’s clear that each and every investment, no matter how big or small, provides opportunity to so many people in our Program Countries.  

How is THP’s principle, transformative leadership, revealed in your work?  

To me transformative leadership is one of our most important principles. Throughout my time at THP, I have learnt that leadership is not tied to a person’s title but rather to the actions they take to empower others. Each day we see our village partners taking the lead to overcome their own hunger and empower their communities collectively to become self-reliant.   

What motivates you each day to do the work that you are doing?  

It’s hard not to be motivated by the stories that we hear from our village partners. Hearing about how THP has impacted their lives and knowing this will create a ripple effect for families and communities, is motivating every single day. Like many other people in the THP community, Rumi’s story always reminds me of the importance of our work. The courage of Rumi and her friends is truly inspiring.   

What experience(s) have you had that drives you in your work at THP?  

I am always driven by a volleyball match I saw a few years ago. It was a Friday afternoon at a school in Nepal, where I was doing some not-so-constructive volunteering, and it was time for the weekly volleyball competition. The boys started to put on their sneakers and warm up for the match, but the girls took their seats on the sideline. I asked the girls why they weren’t playing and they simply said with displeasure that ‘girls are not allowed to play volleyball’. That moment always sticks with me as it showed that gender inequality can show up in the most unlikely scenarios. The conversation I had with those Year 9 girls on the sidelines of a volleyball match drives me each day at THP. It reinforces why our work towards social transformation and gender equality is needed.  

What are you looking forward to most in your new role as Programs Coordinator 

I’m looking forward to connecting with our amazing Animator Collective members! can’t wait to hear how your Leadership Immersion Program has impacted your life. I’m also looking forward to keeping you connected to your program experience and with the people you met. Of course, when the time is right, I look forward to producing leadership programs with our amazing facilitators and Program Country teams. 

A Message from Elloise & Frieda 

Elloise and Frieda have handed over the reins of Programs to Hannah. Elloise has moved to THP’s Fundraising team as a Major Grants Executive and Frieda has transitioned to a part-time role focusing on different projects at THP. Both Elloise and Frieda have found a lot of joy in working in the Programs team over the last few years and will miss connecting with Animators every day.

Elloise & Frieda

Elloise – “Being a part of the Programs team over the past two years has been an immense privilege. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to connect and support Animators in their leadership journey and witness the work of The Hunger Project firsthand. I look forward to continuing to connect with the Animator Collective as I move into my new role on the Fundraising team. Thank you to each of you for making my time on the Programs team an absolute honour.”   

Frieda – “Since joining the THP Programs Team in 2017, I have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting so many amazing Animators, both in Australia and in our Program Countries. I have been continually inspired by their ambition to contribute to something greater themselves, to work collectively towards a more prosperous and equal world. I am so grateful for my time spent as part of the THP Programs family and will treasure the friendships built and lessons learnt for years to come.”