L – Leadership in action 

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“The program reaffirmed what I think a true leader is. It has shown me the strength and power of leadership no matter where you’re from, where you are, or where you’re going. 

Lauren Johnson, Medical student 

Leadership can be defined in so many ways. For some, it’s about a title – CEO, CFO, Founder, Director; for others, it’s about the respect you command or the power you have over people. 

At The Hunger Project, we believe there is a leader inside of everyone, and everyone is capable of the most profound transformations – regardless of age, gender or where you’re born or live.  

The most outstanding examples of courageous and effective leadership producing transformational outcomes today are happening in the remote, rural villages where The Hunger Project works across Africa, India and Bangladesh. 

We have developed our unique leadership immersion programs to give Australians access and insights into what’s possible once leadership has been kindled in people – and to enable you to discover how you can apply these lessons in your own life and leadership.  

Lauren Johnson participated in our leadership immersion program to Senegal in West Africa in 2018. Witnessing The Hunger Project’s work developing leaders in rural communities, she says,

“The focus on mindset to achieve sustainable outcomes is extraordinary. It allowed me an opportunity to acknowledge the powerful moments in life, something I rarely do. I discovered that I am worthy, I am enough, I can achieve everything and anything I want. The possibilities are endless if you are courageous! I deserve to do what I’m passionate about, and passion equals success. You only get one life, so do what you love. The experience was transformative; while I was initially skeptical about what I would take away from the program, what I found was a profound group of people who have inspired me to think about the endless possibilities to come.” 

Applications open now for Unlock, The Hunger Project’s next leadership immersion program going to Malawi in November 2019 (limited spots still available). Find out more or apply now at www.thp.org.au/unlock