Does your business want to play a key role in ending hunger and poverty?  

Does your team want to walk the talk and really make a global impact this year?  

We are driven by a big, bold vision and the potential of people everywhere to be drivers of change… that includes you!  

We’re on the lookout for like-minded and like-hearted businesses that want to kick-start dreams and invest in sustainable change in the world 

In the wake of COVID-19, giving back is more important now than ever. 85% of employees feel it’s important to ‘give back’ to their community*.  

Our mission is to train and empower local leaders as they strive to achieve their visions to create better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities by starting their own business.  

Just $250 could fund a young African entrepreneur’s participation in a training program to develop the skills to create and manage their own small business.  

The incredible stories of success from communities where The Hunger Project works demonstrates the benefits that starting a business has had on their lives – including financial independence, access to education and resources and the ability to invest in community initiatives supporting other entrepreneurs at the same time.  

Take Rebecka for example… Rebecka participated in The Hunger Project’s Microfinance Program. With a microfinance loan, Rebecka started her own successful farming business, bought a motorcycle that she also leases to other community members, and she can now send her five children to school.  


  • Build a connected affiliation with other organisations doing good​
  • Influence purchasing intent and customer recommendations​
  • Increase engagement with your staff and customers​
  • Unite and motivate key stakeholders​
  • Reach highly engaged new audiences and leads​
  • Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility​
  • Elevate trust and loyalty with your customers


  • Align with a respected global community-led development organisation 
  • Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility through your commitment to the end of hunger and poverty 
  • Display the global impact your business has had with your staff, customers and clients


  • 690 million people still live in hunger around the world. Together, we can change this! At The Hunger Project, we see people living in hunger as the solution, not the problem. We work in partnership with people living in hunger and empower them with the skills and resources they need to end their own hunger. We don’t provide hand outs.  
  • We reach over 15.8 million people globally 
  • We work in over 24,000 rural villages 
  • 548,000 locally trained volunteers are already leading change in their communities
  • We enable proven, sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty. 
  • Our approach is holistic and we target the root causes of hunger and poverty. We run programs in Education, Women’s Empowerment, Nutrition, Health, Clean Water & Sanitation, Microfinance and Agriculture.  
  • We are highly cost efficient, so your money goes a long way.
  • We are very experienced.  We started work on ending hunger in 1977 when very few people believed it was possible.  In 1981, the World Bank estimated 44% of the global population lived in extreme poverty. Today, it’s around 10%.  Despite current challenges, the sustainable end of hunger is possible.


Connect with one of our friendly team members HERE to find out how you can support The Hunger Project’s work empowering incredible entrepreneurs in the most rural and remote communities so that they can start their own businesses and transform their lives.  

Invest in local leaders and kick-start their businesses today.