Karen James, Chair

150 150 The Hunger Project Australia

web_Karen_JamesKaren is on a heartfelt mission to help people in business find their own inner leader and feel empowered to be the change that we are all headed towards through her consultancy, KBSN. She believes this change represents a global shift in direction, inviting a new economy based on connection and humanity. It’s where the future of business lies – and it’s where tomorrow’s leaders will be inspired to create positive change for us all.

Karen joined the Commonwealth Bank in 2006 as General Manager of the Commonwealth Bank’s Local Business Banking Direct Sales and Service team. Karen was responsible for Corporate Financials Services Strategy and Operations, Women in Focus, Community Business Finance and identifying new communities which CBA need to develop specific services for. Karen co-created the CBA Leadership Program with The Hunger Project and McKinsey which has led over 80 banking executives through a transformative leadership program along with their teams.

Karen also spent seven years as the General Manager of Managed Services at Dimension Data, worked at Nortel Networks (previously Bay Networks) as the Director of Asia Pacific Technical Services, and held three engineering positions at an IT company, Timeplex, in the US, Europe and Australia.  Karen holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, a Masters in Environmental Engineering and has credits towards her Masters of Business Administration.