K – Knowledge is power 

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“I found this program incredibly grounding, transportive and enlightening – I learnt as much from the group as I did from the village partners and for that I’m truly grateful.” 

Georgie Owen, Paralegal, Pinsent Masons 

Work, exercise, family, friends, eat and sleep. It’s easy for us to fall into a pattern where nothing changes and we don’t challenge ourselves. 

Georgie was in the study/work/espresso-martinis-on-the-weekend slump when she saw a post about The Hunger Project’s leadership immersion program during an Instagram scroll. Knowing that she wanted to contribute to something greater than herself, she applied to join the program within 48 hours.  

“Before being exposed to The Hunger Project, I’d always put ending hunger in the ‘too hard’ basket. When I signed up, I still doubted how a 23-year-old Melbournian who could hardly pass her uni subjects could contribute to ending hunger.” 

By the end of the week of personal development work and time spent learning from our village partners who are ending hunger in their communities, her mindset completely shifted 

“I have redefined my idea of leadership. The program taught me that, irrespective of my young age and junior work roles, I can still be a leader.” 

The unique combination of seeing how The Hunger Project enables communities to become self-reliant and the leadership workshops led by experienced facilitators means that the environment is perfectly conducive to growth and expansion. 

Our focus on empowering people through knowledge to create tangible, sustainable change is something that is carried the whole way through our leadership immersion programs.  

“I think I became a better listener which is really important. When I was feeling uncomfortable, I learnt to sit with it and trust the situation. I gained clarity about what I personally needed to work on that I would never get at home because I don’t make space for it.” 

On an immersion program like this, you’re grounded and connected to the people around you. It’s the perfect time to peel back the layers and break down preconceived ideas of the best way to tackle problems. 

“There are enough funds, resources and able people in this world to end hunger and you are capable of more than you think.”    

Applications open now for Unlock, The Hunger Project’s next leadership immersion program to Malawi in November 2019 (limited spots still available). Find out more or apply now at www.thp.org.au/unlock.