Jill Krambeck, Coordinator

150 150 The Hunger Project Australia

web_photoJillKrambeck_(1)Jill met The Hunger Project a couple of years ago – after the McKinsey & Company study of impact in Uganda – and then a ‘Rethinking What’s Possible’ workshop inspired her to become a Global Investor.

Jill’s undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Arts – double major in Business Administration & English – from a small liberal arts college near Kansas City USA, which included a semester at Oxford. Her first job was in New York City working at McKinsey & Company as a team assistant, and she transferred to the Sydney office 14 years ago to support McKinsey’s Organisation Practice and its mindsets/transformational facilitators.  Jill’s most recent work was coordinating Learning programs that develop personal leadership – project managing the delivery of a variety of formats, including in-person (local and overseas), webinars, and ‘forum & fieldwork’ journeys, for internal managers and clients.

She began volunteering with The Hunger Project during a break from work (switching the investment into the currency of time and organisational skills!) and is proud to be involved with supporting the empowerment of individuals to achieve sustainable change.