Individual Leadership

2030 Leaders Program

Are you ready to get out of your ordinary world and lean into a bigger challenge, one that ignites a fire within you and shapes what you are capable of? If you’re an executive, entrepreneur or an everyday person who is looking to shake up the status quo, the 2030 Leaders Program is for you!

Business Chicks Immersion Trip

If you have ever wanted to do something that makes a difference, that changes who you are and who you could be, then that time is now. Join us on our Business Chicks Immersion and Leadership Program and develop your true leadership potential.

Rethinking What's Possible

Our Rethinking What’s Possible workshop is a free 2-hour experience which brings the village classroom to you, and creates a learning environment that is as powerful as it is profound.

Vision to Action

Our Vision to Action (VCA) workshop is inspired by the innovative Vision, Commitment, Action training behind The Hunger Project’s work in Africa and Bangladesh. 4.1 million of the poorest people on Earth have done it, and the purpose is to begin that process of shifting people’s mindset from ‘I’m poor and hungry – always have been and always will be’, to seeing themselves as agents of their own change.

Global Investor Group

The Global Investor Group is a community of ordinary people who are committed to making an extraordinary difference.The Hunger Project Australia is passionate about ending hunger by transforming communities and empowering people to take ownership of change – both in rural villages across Africa, India and Bangladesh and here in Australia. Hunger can end, but it will take our investment and leadership.