How we build leaders

The Hunger Project believes that hunger is not a problem for just one country or the developing world. It is a global issue and requires new thinking, partnerships and ways of being to solve it. Creating change comes from within, we work to shift the mindset from ‘I can’t, to ‘I can’, to ‘we can’ to create change on a global level. This is the essence of The Hunger Project and the background for our Leadership programs.

Our Leadership Programs are designed to unearth leadership potential based on what we know best – shifting the mindset and creating visionary, committed and active leaders. We’ve decoded leadership lessons from the field and built our programs so that participants ignite their vision for their world.

We place you as a student at the feet of our women leaders and ask you to apply lessons learnt to your life. How does a woman who cannot read or write get schools and roads built in her village? How can this be applied to what may be holding you back from realising your own potential?

Participants are challenged to step out of their comfort zone, in doing so they make meaning for themselves as human beings and as leaders. Our trained facilitators guide you to discovering the leadership lessons literally from the village floor.

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