How does a Vision, Commitment, Action workshop…work?

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Start to REALISE YOUR VISION through this session inspired by The Hunger Project’s Vision, Commitment, Action (VCA) workshop.

Don’t miss this special event. We are proud to have The Hunger Project Malawi Country Director, Rowlands Kaotcha, with us for the Australian launch.

The Vision, Commitment, Action workshop is the innovative technology behind our work in Africa and Bangladesh that empowers our village partners to shift their mindsets from resignation and despondency to optimism and empowerment, so that they can see that they are the key to ending their own hunger. Addressing the entrenched attitudes and beliefs of our village partners is key to empowering them to become self reliant and transform their lives.

Now, we have adapted the VCA workshop for Australians and made it relevant and applicable to you. Imagine what possibilities could be open to you and your life if you could shift your mindset and push through your self-limiting beliefs…

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  • Shift your mindset to open up new possibilities for yourself

  • Discover what’s been holding you back from fulfilling your potential

  • See a future for you and your life beyond what you see currently

  • Get emboldened to your own power to create that future

  • Take a stand for something you want in your life or for your community

  • Identify clear and immediate actions you can take to realise your vision

This is not an informational event where you sit back and listen to facilitators tell you how to do this. This is a different kind of workshop that offers opportunity for powerful insights that lead to action. Throughout this interactive workshop, you will hear stories about our village partners who have shifted their mindsets, and you will be invited to apply their lessons learned and insights to your own life.

VISION: What is your vision for your life? What will be your legacy?

COMMITMENT: What are you up for? How will you commit to realising your vision?

ACTION: What specific action steps do you need to take?

For ONE NIGHT ONLY in your state, you can experience an Australian VCA workshop with Rowlands Kaotcha (THP-Malawi Country Director), Cathy Burke (THP-Australia CEO) and Glen Carlson (KPI Co-Founder).

This special event is strictly limited to only 150 participants per state.Your ticket price includes welcome drinks before the Australian VCA workshop where you can chat with Rowlands Kaotcha, Cathy Burke and other workshop attendees. Rowlands will be our special guest and we look forward to you getting even more insights from him around how our village partners are ending their own hunger through participating in the VCA workshop.

Mon 9 November
5-6PM welcome drinks, 6-9.30PM VCA workshop
Wed 11 November
5-6PM welcome drinks, 6-9.30PM VCA workshop
Thurs 12 November
5-6PM welcome drinks, 6-9.30PM VCA workshop
Mon 16 November
5-6PM welcome drinks, 6-9.30PM VCA workshop
TICKETS NOW ON SALE for the Australian VCA launch events HERE