How being involved in The Hunger Project fulfils our personal values

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At THP’s National Conference on 17 May, the Chairs of our Boards shared how their personal values get fulfilled through being involved in THP.



“I felt like I’d found a family that shared my values.”

-Trista Brohier (QLD Board)


“I get to help people be the best they can be. Also, people ask how I juggle work, family and my THP commitments – but for me they’re all one thing.”

-Chris Khor (VIC Board)


“A key value for me is honour; each person being honoured for who they are, and that people live magnificent lives.”

-Jillian Formentin (WA Board)


“I set myself 2 goals when I left McKinsey 20 years ago – do everything I can to:

  1. promote women leaders
  2. help people grow in their organisations.”

-Diane Grady (National Board)


“What attracted me is THP’s 10 Principles. Everything that THP’s work is founded on, is the foundations on which I’ve built my own life.”

-Karen James (NSW Board)