Hitting new milestones

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190+ people over the past five years have raised more than $2.1 million through participating in THP’s unique individual leadership immersion programs in Uganda, Malawi, Senegal, Ghana, India and Bangladesh. Breaking the $2 million mark for the first time is cause for celebration! This is an enormous collective effort, and these funds translate into real, tangible change for our village partners. The impact of that amount could look like this*:


From the everyday to the unfamiliar

The immersion programs lift participants out of their everyday lives and transplant them into an unfamiliar environment, full of new ideas and possibilities. No matter which country the program takes them to, participants meet THP village partners, and explore how they mobilise their rural communities to powerfully overcome the challenges of a lack of food, resources, healthcare and education.

Australian program participants are encouraged to discover the leadership distinctions demonstrated by our village partners, and apply those learnings to their own lives – often discovering in the process that we have a lot more in common with someone from a remote village in Uganda or India than you first may think.


This is what three of the 190+ program participants had to say when reflecting on their own immersion experience:

“The experience I gained is to step forward, make a commitment and stand tall in what I believe in. I learnt these skills from the women within the group, the program facilitators, the women and men we met in the villages. It all showed me that anything is achievable with the right mindset.”
Melinda Webb

“The villagers – women, men and children – have taught me optimism and strength, resilience and vulnerability. Even on their different levels of reliance, the women showed courage in moving forward with what they had – and not what they wanted or needed. And instead of self-indulgence, they are quick to act and lead when opportunity presents itself.”
Evelyn Gibson

“Women who had little resources and extremely challenging living conditions were doing amazing things and living joyful and fulfilling lives, providing outstanding role models to others, and creating opportunities for their families and communities for many generations to come. This was extremely humbling and made me reflect deeply on my life and my fears.”
Jackie Howard

*Funds are applied to the area of greatest need.

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