Help End Child Marriage

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Tragically, 28 girls are married every minute – your investment is urgently needed to end child marriage and let girls be girls.

Child brides and their families become trapped in a cycle of poverty.

But there is hope. Women trained by The Hunger Project are going door to door, educating parents about the dangers of child marriage, and are encouraging local authorities to intervene. They are succeeding but there’s still more to do. Learn more.

The Hunger Project Australia CEO, Melanie Noden, has shared this story with us.

“When I was in India recently, I met an inspiring girl called Vedika. She was only 5 years old when she was married. One day she was taken from her family to a neighbouring village. She never saw her parents, brothers and sisters or friends again. 

Vedika was treated like a slave. She could not go to school and was forced to work long days in the fields.

Vedika’s husband used her as his wife well before she hit puberty. Vedika thinks that she was about 12 years old when she had her first child. Sadly, her baby died within days. 

Child marriages like Vedika’s stop girls from reaching their full potential. It denies them the right to education, robs them of a childhood and interferes with their social and emotional development. Please dig deep and invest in The Hunger Project this Christmas and help end child marriage. Your gift will change the lives of young girls and their families. “