Get to know our Youth Board: Jacquie Love

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Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jacquie and I founded a social enterprise called Secret Sisterhood after heading on a trip to India and discovering the horrific injustice of trafficking. We create jewellery that features our Sisterhood symbol of gender equality and then give 100% of the profits to women’s charities around the world. I am super passionate about gender equality and how business can be used as a force for good. I am also currently studying an MBA in Social Impact at UNSW and when I am not studying or working I love to take my dog for a walk on the beach.

Why did you choose to join THPA’s Youth Board? 

After heading on a trip with THP to Malawi I was so shocked to discover that people were still going hungry in our world. I always knew it intellectually, but it was a different story when I saw it first-hand. You realise that if people go hungry, then they do not have much else in their life. When I went on the trip I was blown away by how much impact THP were creating. I love how THP empower people to lift themselves out of poverty and hunger. I also love their focus on empowering women and girls, so joining THPA Youth Board was perfect as I could continue being involved in the work that they do.

What is your highlight from being on the Youth Board so far? 

Definitely meeting an amazing group of like-minded, passionate people. I don’t think I have ever been in a community with people who are so selfless and excited to make a difference to our brothers and sisters around the world. Everyone has such unique skills and talents so it has been great to learn from everyone.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? 

Hopefully our Secret Sisterhood symbol will become known far and wide! Our dream is for it to become the universal gender equality symbol. I believe symbols can make such a huge impact, by uniting people together for a common cause, so I am very passionate about making this happen. I also still hope to be supporting THP is any way that I can.

Favourite quote? 

“You can only be what you can see.” — Anonymous

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