What is your Board’s vision for The Hunger Project?

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At THP’s National Conference on 17 May, the people leading our work around Australia – the Chairs of our Boards – shared what their vision is for their own Board for the end of hunger. The theme of the day was about planting the seeds for THP’s next five years, with each of the Chairs putting forward their vision and planting their own seeds.

We want to put a spring in the step of our entire organisation, so we can become more agile and progressive; we want to speed THP up globally.
Karen James

We want to discover what it takes to unleash our volunteer network… to be connected to something much bigger than ourselves.
Jillian Formentin

We’ve got an amazing Board with diverse skill sets. My vision is even greater diversity – including younger people and men – so that we become the most effective group we can be.
Chris Khor

To lift the whole organisation up and influence our strategy globally.
Diane Grady

Go back to the basics: how do we fulfil on our promises, and push the boundaries to go even bigger?
Trista Brohier