Faye Longmuir, Director

150 150 The Hunger Project Australia

web_faye_longmuirBWFaye joined the WA Development board of The Hunger Project in May 2013, having been a personal investor since 2011. Faye is passionate about being part of the team that eradicates global poverty by 2030, a possibility in our life time.

In 2013 she embarked on an ambitious venture to create a new, grassroots project for The Hunger Project called What’s For Lunch. The aim of this project was to engage investors below $1000 per annum and create awareness for The Hunger project in the broader Australian community. We are proud to announce the inaugural What’s For Lunch campaign will be occur this year (2014) between 16th and 22nd of June.

Faye is also a Private Wealth Manager with Macquarie Private Wealth in Perth, where she has been for the past 14.5 years. She specialises in Complex Asset Structures, Retirement Planning, Australian Equities and Self-Managed Superannuation.