Deborah Protter, Chair

150 150 The Hunger Project Australia

web_Deborah_ProtterBWDeborah is passionate about the development of human potential, with over 30 years international experience educating, training and mentoring executives and leaders of government agencies, companies and community-based organisations in education, Industry, women’s development, public health and international development in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Deborah has trained and coached over fifteen thousand people individually and in workshop settings in achieving breakthroughs in personal effectiveness.  Her core belief is that every person has abilities that are distinct. Her clients are able to identify their unique strengths and talents, build new capacities for themselves and others and live into all they can be.

Deborah works with men and women leaders to develop their gifts and encourage them in clarifying vision and purpose, building confidence and expanding their leadership ability.

Clients include executives from Shell, PWC, Ford, Esso, P&O, BBC, Barclays Bank, British Rail, British Telecom, IBM, Marks and Spencer, Unilever, Arts Council of Australia, Woodhead and the Government of Western Australia.