David Hodes, Director

150 150 The Hunger Project Australia

web_David_Hodes_photoI am a Systems Thinker and Practitioner in Organisational Learning.

I was awarded a National Engineering Scholarship in the UK and attended Imperial College of Science and Technology in London, where I graduated with a BSc Mechanical Engineering.

From my earliest days I have been interested in the intersection of the worlds of science, technology and the objective, with the personal, cultural and subjective – it defines my life’s work and who I am. I find my bliss where process and technology help people redefine possibility for themselves, their teams and the organisations of which they are a part.

I have led work internationally in Manufacturing, Distribution, Mining Engineering, Banking, Business Management Systems, Construction and New Product Development.

In leading my company Ensemble, my intention is to deliver business outcomes that, through the adoption of robust scientific methods and a profound understanding of human endeavour, adds value that would otherwise be considered neither reasonable or possible.

Since founding the Theory of Constraints Centre of Australia (TOCCA – now known as Ensemble) in 2000 with my team I have worked with clients including BHP Billiton, CBA, Qantas and more.