A Date Change and an Exciting New Development

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We have a new and exciting development in our 2030 Leaders Program and this news has given us a big and bold reason to shift our 2030 Leaders Program to 13th – 19th November 2016.

Our mission at The Hunger Project is to bring about the end of hunger. Our work in Uganda has presented us with an extraordinary opportunity: to bear witness to a milestone in ending hunger by 2030 – the ‘self-reliance’ celebration at Kiruhura Epicentre*.

Celebrating their self-reliance is a significant milestone for our village partners, because it means that they take on full responsibility for the Epicentre’s operations and finances and The Hunger Project exits. For these women and men living in rural remote Africa, this is an enormous acknowledgement of their vision, commitment and action to end their own hunger.

Being present for this celebration, together with our village partners who have brought about this incredible change in their community, is an expression of what we define as leadership. The community members have successfully been agents of their own development – with the support of The Hunger Project and our leadership framework of shifting mindsets, and visionary, committed and active leadership.

This is a game changing opportunity and it is an honour to be part of it. 


*The celebration is dependent on data from an outcome evaluation confirming that the community can declare self-reliance. We anticipate that the celebration will happen in November 2016; however there is a risk, albeit a low one, that it may need to be shifted to accommodate the community’s own pace of progress.