COVID-19 and India. In Conversation with THP-India’s Ruchi Yadav

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Although it may seem that COVID-19 in India has momentarily disappeared from our daily news cycle, the country’s enormous challenges haven’t gone away; in fact, beyond the immediate health and economic impacts, the secondary and long-lasting social issues are now coming into clear focus, including rising hunger and poverty, domestic violence, child marriage, trafficking and more.

Join us online on Tuesday 22 June 5.00-6.00pm AEST for real-world insights into the current reality on the ground, THP’s constantly evolving response, and the vision and plan for where to next.  We’ll be in conversation with THP-India’s Ruchi Yadav who has been a fierce and much-admired leader with the organisation for more than 13 years.

You will hear directly from Ruchi about: