Transform lives in Coki Epicentre, Senegal

What hunger used to look like at Coki

Before The Hunger Project began our partnership with the Coki community in Senegal, women, men and children used to struggle to survive on a daily basis. They lived in chronic, persistent hunger; day-in, day-out hunger that had existed for generations. The present and the future looked no different. What this meant for the community was that in 2005 for example:


less than 50% of births were attended by a licensed health professional, putting both the baby and mother in danger

only 27% of households had access to clean drinking water

Your opportunity to make an impact

We invite you to invest in Coki Epicentre to transform the lives of tens of thousands of people living in hunger and poverty. With your partnership, we can:

  • build the skills and capacities of local leaders like Daro so they are fully skilled, confident and capable of managing the Epicentre’s operations in a sustainable way;
  • ensure that the community can maintain their momentum and pace of development, so they can cross the finishing line and become self-reliant by 2020;
  • create a solid foundation upon which the Coki community can continue to grow, develop and flourish independent of The Hunger Project’s support in 2021 and into the future.

The enormous reach of your investment

years to self-reliance

Join a group of Australians catalysing change

Robert Wentzel has been part of The Hunger Project family since 1999, contributing both as an investor and Board Director. He has a bold goal for 2017, committing himself to bringing together a consortium of Australian investors to ensure a sustained investment in the Coki community. This will enable the people of Coki to reach sustainable self-reliance in 4 years’ time via The Hunger Project’s unique Epicentre Strategy.

“The fact that I’m contributing as a leader to ending hunger for 55,000 people in the world is really exciting, it’s an honour and it’s a privilege.” – Robert Wentzel

What could be your role in the future of Coki?

The next 4 years is an exciting period for the Coki community – but their success is not inevitable. Our Coki partners require our leadership and resources to enable them to achieve their goals and reach self-reliance by 2020, allowing The Hunger Project to withdraw.

Robert invites you to join him in transforming lives in the Coki community during this historic and defining period. You could make a powerful impact at Coki: select the tiles on this ‘TILE MAP’ that you pledge to fund as a partner in this collective investment.

To connect with Robert and discuss the impact you could make for the Coki people, please email or call 0438 602 780.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

The Hunger Project’s unique approach to ending hunger

The Hunger Project

A global organisation with a mission to end hunger by 2030.

Pathway to Self-Reliance

Our holistic, gender-focused strategy takes rural villages on a path to sustainable self-reliance.


The Epicentre Strategy

An integrated approach for a sustainable end to hunger.

The Epicentre Building

This is a basic sketch of an Epicentre building and the services and facilities it houses.


You can trust us

David Gonski and other investors know and trust us.


Coki Epicentre is located in the north west of Senegal in West Africa.


Photo credit: Johannes Ode.