Meet the Champiti community

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The Champiti community in Malawi used to live in chronic hunger and poverty.

Dennis is a member of Champiti and he said his entire community was suffering terribly. There were no roads and the nearest hospital was two days’ walk away.

“Pregnant women would attempt to walk to the hospital but go into labour on the way. Mothers and infants died. Those infants who survived were not vaccinated. The hospital was just too far away,” Dennis said. 

The Campiti thought there was no way out. They had no vision for their future.

“We thought this was our lot in life… we had no hope for our future,” Dennis said.  

The Hunger Project set up Vision, Commitment, Action workshops, as well as entrepreneurship training and microfinance loans in Champiti and now the locals have reached the historic milestone of self-reliance.

Thanks to investors like you 100% of the Champiti community have access to clean, safe water, 100% of births are attended to by a licensed professional, fewer than 1% are living in hunger, 95% of households have at least one literate person, and amazingly there has been a 680% increase in children attending secondary school.   

When you invest in people, you impact entire communities. Please make a tax-deductible donation before June 30 and partner with communities like Champiti. Your investment will make sure people, families and communities can achieve their vision of ending poverty and hunger.