Celebrating International Day of the Girl

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We believe that achieving gender equality is absolutely essential for a better future for all, free from hunger. The complete empowerment of women and girls is not only crucial to improving the lives of families and communities, but it is also key to creating sustainable change globally. That’s why today we’re celebrating International Day of the Girl, a day recognised globally to ensure a world free of discrimination against girls.

This year’s theme is ‘Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: A Global Girl Data Movement’. Without proper measurement of activities and programs designed to benefit girls, how can we know what’s really working and what’s not? If we systematically collect and analyse information on the progress that girls are making globally, then we can enhance everyone’s efforts to improve the wellbeing and empowerment of girls around the world. The Global Goals (also known as Sustainable Development Goals) that the world aligned on last year also call for a renewed focus on data – to know where problems are, how to fix them, and if the solutions are working.

First up – there’s lots of positive news to celebrate today! More girls are in school, less girls are being married before the age of 18, and more young women are growing up to be successful agents of their own change. However, there is still a lot of progress to be made — and having access to better data can help us be really strategic and effective in our work.

The Hunger Project places a huge importance on measuring and evaluating our work in a gender-specific way. For example, when we measure what’s happening in communities where we work in areas like child health attendance in school, financial inclusion and child marriage, we look separately at progress made by girls.

To mark International Day of the Girl today we invite you to reaffirm your commitment to partnering with us to empower girls to lead healthy and secure lives. Girls have already changed the world for the better – and together with The Hunger Project you have the power to magnify that change, and end chronic, persistent hunger by 2030.