Cathy Burke, Director, CEO

150 150 The Hunger Project Australia

web_Cathy-Burke-97_(3)Cathy Burke has been the CEO of The Hunger Project Australia for 18 years. She has spent extensive time in villages across India, Bangladesh and Africa, and has held a number of leadership roles within the organisation globally.

Cathy is a published author. Her first book‘Unlikely Leaders: lessons in leadership from the village classroom’ offers a deeply relevant perspective on leadership. Cathy draws upon her work over two decades with The Hunger Project, which has given her intimate access to grassroots leaders who are ending hunger in their villages, and outlines Nine Steps of Transformative Leadership that we can apply to our own lives.

Cathy is a sought-after speaker of transformational leadership and is a powerful advocate on the role women must play as leaders both in Australia and overseas. Prior to working at The Hunger Project, she worked in her own business, in Federal politics as a senate campaign manager, as a lobbyist and as a policy strategist.

Cathy leads a dynamic organisation in Australia that is part of a global movement of 350 staff and 400,000 trained volunteer leaders working to end chronic, persistent hunger.

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