Top 10 Hunger Project Milestones of 2016

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In a year where the news has been dominated by divisive elections, The Hunger Project and the world quietly but powerfully advanced our shared strategy to “transform our world” by 2030 – crossing major milestones in our strategic goals and objectives. Self-reliant epicenters: Ten epicenters across five of our  African countries celebrated achieving all the criteria to…

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Ndereppe Epicentre in Senegal has reached self-reliance

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The Ndereppe Epicentre community in Senegal has officially reached all 3 criteria required to declare self-reliance, the ultimate goal of The Hunger Project’s Epicentre Strategy (where the community has the resources and skills needed to continue the work started by us, independent of The Hunger Project). The criteria include reaching a minimum of 80 for…

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The Hunger Project Investors feature in Sydney Morning Herald article

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Two of our incredible investors Ailan Tran and Jacki Oliver, have been featured in an article on the Sydney Morning Herald today! The article is entitled “Abandon your scarcity mindset for a life of abundance” and details how their travels with the Hunger Project has transformed their lives. Read the full article here. Applications are now open…

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Unleashed Women in the Media

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Several Unleashed Women have been featured in their local media about their involved in the movement. We are so thrilled to see so many amazing women working together towards something remarkable – the end of hunger! Here are some stories that have been published online featuring Unleashed Women: Jaspers Brush resident out to empower women…

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Help End Child Marriage

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Tragically, 28 girls are married every minute – your investment is urgently needed to end child marriage and let girls be girls. Child brides and their families become trapped in a cycle of poverty. But there is hope. Women trained by The Hunger Project are going door to door, educating parents about the dangers of child marriage,…

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Our 2030 Leaders program has just returned from Uganda where they attended the Kiruhura self-reliance celebrations. Kiruhura achieved its self-reliance targets in November – meaning the community has demonstrated the confidence, capacity and skills to act as agents of their own development. Some key highlights of Kiruhura’s achievements are: Kiruhura has one of the highest Women’s Empowerment Index…

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The Commonwealth Bank of Australia Corporate Leadership Immersion Program in India

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The Hunger Project Australia CEO, Melanie Noden, has just returned from India where she led a group of Executives from Commonwealth Bank of Australia on a Corporate Leadership Immersion Program. Melanie has shared the inspiring story of Basanti Gameti with us. “I met Basanti at the Tulsi Sadhana Sikhar (Training Centre). She is 23 years old and…

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The Huffington Post and The Unleashed Women movement

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The Huffington Post has published an article on The Unleashed Women movement featuring Ambassador and Business Chicks CEO, Olivia Ruello. “In a world obsessed with overnight startup sensations and the latest article to go viral on LinkedIn, participating in meaningful leadership development with real life connections often gets pushed aside… Ruello is among a group…

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Celebrating International Day of the Girl

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We believe that achieving gender equality is absolutely essential for a better future for all, free from hunger. The complete empowerment of women and girls is not only crucial to improving the lives of families and communities, but it is also key to creating sustainable change globally. That’s why today we’re celebrating International Day of…

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Mumbrella features the Unleashed Women movement

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Mumbrella, an online platform featuring everything under Australia’s media and marketing umbrella, has published a story about the Unleashed Women movement. “The Australian branch of global NGO The Hunger Project has launched a new movement mobilising Australian women to empower women globally to end their own hunger by 2030. The campaign, Unleashed Women, asks Australian women to…

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