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A partnership between The Hunger Project and CAMILLA is transforming the lives of 1,000 girls.

Six thousand girls have participated in The Hunger Project’s Adolescent Girls Program to date. Now, well known Australian fashion brand CAMILLA has launched a brand-new partnership with The Hunger Project that will enable a further 1,000 young women in India’s third-largest state of Bihar to participate in 2018.

Young girls in rural Bihar are particularly vulnerable to hunger and poverty: nearly half of all girls are married before the legal age of 18, and fewer than 20% of girls aged 16-17 get the opportunity to attend school, with many forced to work early.

The CAMILLA x The Hunger Project partnership is called The Butterfly Effect, inspired by the power of one change to make a big difference.

“During a trip to India a few years ago, I witnessed first-hand how some young women are mistreated and I now understand that with every dollar, guidance, education and support – we can help turn their lives around. My dream for CAMILLA is bigger than fashion. It’s about a full vision that helps empower girls and women by providing them with skills, education, purpose and a safe community.” – Camilla Franks, CAMILLA Founder and Owner.

Through The Butterfly Effect and in partnership with The Hunger Project India, 1,000 girls will transform their lives, and change the future forever.

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