C – Courageous conversations 

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“Being in the villages and seeing how people live at a variety of stages of development allowed me to see, feel, smell and listen to the conditions that THP’s village partners live in.” 

Amanda White, Director of institutional content at Conexus Financial 

Courageous conversations can lead to spectacular and even completely unforeseen outcomes. Sometimes it takes a friend or colleague pointing something out in conversation before you can identify and challenge an unconscious belief you hold about yourself or others. It may take courage on their part to bring it up and equally it may take courage for you to be open and vulnerable to exploring the belief – and even possibly be willing to give it up or shift it! 

These kinds of courageous conversations are encouraged and fostered through our leadership immersion programs, starting well before you set foot in one of The Hunger Project’s communities. 

Let’s take conversations about money. When you join the program, you agree to raise funds for The Hunger Project’s work. The leadership act will have you shift gears and take actions that stretch you out of your comfort zone. It will also require you to ask people for money or help to reach your goal – something that for many of us is uncomfortable or awkward. What we’ve seen however is that many people are pleasantly surprised at people’s generosity when they are simply asked! 

Let’s take conversations with strangers. When you join us in Malawi, India, Uganda or Senegal, you meet and speak with people living in hunger who are partnering with The Hunger Project to transform their futures. Being in this unfamiliar situation with new people who may not speak your language can seem overwhelming. We encourage people to bring a beginner’s mind and leave behind preconceptions and judgements – which ultimately allows us to be curious and learn from one another. 

Let’s take conversations with yourself. When you’re in ‘the village classroom’ with us, you have the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and shed new light on your mindset about your life, career, family, finances and more. It takes courage to be honest with yourself and what you want, and this program creates an environment in which you can safely do that.  

If you’re up for inviting more courageous conversations in your life, join us on Unlock – to unlock possibility, potential and purpose for yourself and our village partners. 

Applications open now for Unlock, The Hunger Project’s next leadership immersion program to Malawi in November 2019 (limited spots still available). Find out more or apply now at www.thp.org.au/unlock