Bangladeshi Community Rallying to Stop Child Marriage

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Around the world, 39,000 girls get married every day. This is especially a challenge in lower income countries like Bangladesh. Here, one in three girls will marry before the age of 18. 

Her Choice is an alliance of organisations that are working to stop child marriage in 11 countries. Their long-term goal is to create communities in which girls and young women are free to decide if, when and whom to marry. 

In 2018, The Hunger Project-Bangladesh held an event to engage communities in dialogue around child marriage, a topic of concern in their village. Participants included government officials, elected leaders, union members, youth volunteers, teachers and students. 



Participants presented information about child marriage. They expressed their opinions and priorities by placing sticky notes on shared displays, opening a dialogue about a long-held community issue. The session successfully ended with a joint pledge to reduce child marriage from 81 percent to less than 30 percent in their community. 

Help us educate and empower communities in Bangladesh to stop child marriage for good.