Ailan Tran, Director

web_Ailan_TranAilan Tran works for Hancock Prospecting Pty Lt.
Ailan’s commitment to family values, community service and maintaining good health was instilled in her through the leadership example set by her adopted Australian grandparents. These values are reflected in the community development programs of the Hunger Project.

Ailan’s involvement with The Hunger Project started in 2008, when she became an investor in the Domi-Achiansa epicentre project in Ghana. In 2010, Ailan visited numerous epicentre projects in the Eastern Region of Ghana, including Domi-Achiansa.

The consistent messages from the local villagers of positive change and achievement of sustainable self-reliance inspired Ailan to join the West Australian Development Board in 2011 to advocate and raise funds for the work of The Hunger Project.